Zhengya Zhang zhengya at

Prof. Zhang has been with the Department of EECS at the University of Michigan since 2009. His research interest is in low-power and high-performance VLSI circuits and systems for computing, communications and signal processing.


Wei Tang weitang at
Assistant Research Scientist

Dr. Tang received the B.S. degree from National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan, in 2011, and the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor, MI, USA, in 2019. He was a Visiting Ph.D. Student with Lund University, Lund, Sweden, and a Graduate Research Intern with Intel Labs, Santa Clara, CA, USA. His research interests are in IC designs for communications and machine learning.

Ph.D. Students


Junkang (Jerry) Zhu (Ph.D. 2023) jkzhu at
B.S., Nanjing University, China

Research: System-on-chip, programmable and reconfigurable accelerator architectures


Cheng-Hsun Lu (Ph.D. 2024) lchsun at
M.S., National Taiwan University
Recent Award: Rackham International Students Fellowship

Research: DSP algorithms, FECs, and communication DSP


Jack Erhardt (Ph.D. 2025) erharj at
B.S., University of Minnesota
Recent Award: National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship

Research: Adaptive edge AI processing


Justin Ting (Ph.D. 2026) sigfyg at
B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology
Recent Award: NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (GRFP)

Research: Computation for universal control


Po-Shao Chen (Ph.D. 2026) poshao at
M.S., National Taiwan University

Research: Accelerator design


Tianyu Wei (Ph.D. 2027) billywty at
B.S., Southeast University, China

Research: Multi-chiplet systems, interface designs

Ji Yoon Han (Ph.D. 2027) hanjyoon at
M.S., University of Michigan

Research: Wireless communication systems

Chen-Chien Kao (Ph.D. 2027) cchkao at
M.S., National Taiwan University

Research: Wireless communication systems

Minsik Kim (Ph.D. 2027) minskyy at
B.S., Seoul National University
Recent Award: Global Korea Scholarship

Research: Accelerators

Cong Sheng Leow (Ph.D. 2027) leowcs at
B.S., Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Recent Award: National Science Scholarship, Singapore

Research: Mixed-signal systems

Ting-Wei Chen (Ph.D. 2027) tinway at
M.S., National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

Research: Compilers

M.S. Students

Visiting Graduate Students

Dongyun Kam, POSTECH, South Korea, 2023
Haolei Ye, Australian National University, 2020
Yi-Chung Wu, National Taiwan University, 2019-2020

Group Alumni

Doctoral Graduates

Jie-Fang Zhang (Ph.D. 2022), Nvidia, Santa Clara, CA
Teyuh Chou (Ph.D. 2022), AMD, Santa Clara, CA
Yaoyu Tao (Ph.D. 2022), Qualcomm, Santa Clara, CA
Reid Pinkham (Ph.D. 2021), Meta, Redmond, WA
Chester Liu (Ph.D. 2020), MemryX, Ann Arbor, MI
Sung-Gun Cho (Ph.D. 2020), Intel, San Jose, CA
Ching-En (Alex) Lee (Ph.D. 2020), Temasek, Shanghai, China
Thomas Chen (Ph.D. 2019)
Wei Tang (Ph.D. 2019), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
Shiming Song (Ph.D. 2018), Modular, Palo Alto, CA
Shuanghong Sun (Ph.D. 2017), Intel, San Jose, CA
Phil Knag (Ph.D. 2015), Intel, Hillsboro, OR
Jung Kuk Kim (Ph.D. 2015, Co-Advised by Prof. Jeff Fessler), Apple, Cupertino, CA
Chia-Hsiang Chen (Ph.D. 2014), Apple, Cupertino, CA
Youn Sung Park (Ph.D. 2014), Syntiant, Irvine, CA

Co-Advised Doctoral Graduates

Hsi-Shou Wu (Ph.D. 2018, Co-Advised with Prof. Marios Papaefthymiou), Meta, Menlo Park, CA
Shengshuo Lu (Ph.D. 2017, Co-Advised with Prof. Marios Papaefthymiou), Meta, Austin, TX

M.S. Graduates

Naomi Motwani (M.S. 2022), Rivos, Mountain View, CA
Vishishtha Bothra (M.S. 2016), Apple, Cupertino, CA


2018-2019: Jacqueline Disanto, Ian Fan
2017-2018: Carl Steinhauser, Yueying Li, Austin Xu
2016-2017: Jacob Cooper, Katherine Banas
2014-2015: Zelin Zhang, Scott Su, Yue Cao, Kyle Yan
2013-2014: Dike Zhou, Yanran Yang, Matthew Lindstrom, Tie Chen
2012-2013: Kamal Knight, Bochao Wang, Yiqun Zhang
2011-2012: Paul Rigge, Mario Admon, Xiaojue Zeng, Haoran Li
2010-2011: Kai Boon Ee, Katherine Dropiewski, Hao Shi, Wenjia Liu